Why wedding details are such an important part of your day


Swoon. I am so excited for weddings to start back up again this year & I’m looking forward to seeing all of the pretty bridal details!

I’ve been asked why the details are such a big deal to me and here’s my simple answer to that question.

1). My bride took the time to pick out every single piece of decor, jewelry, invitation design, and so much more. I want to fully tell the story of her day using the pieces she chose, whether she chose them for sentimental reasons or because she absolutely loved them. Either way, they should be admired for many more years.

2). A lot of times the items that are in the bridal suite are the most sentimental and treasured items.

3). Detailed shots make albums and online galleries look so elegant and timeless. They add interest to your photography and add a polished and high end touch.

If you’re planning your wedding, start compiling pretty pieces that you love or ribbon pieces that match your color palette…. your photographer will thank you!

Ashley Wills