A home update for spring


It has been so rewarding staying focused on time management - at home & at work!
I feel like I somehow found an extra couple hours every single day that i’ve never been able to enjoy because I struggled staying hyper focused on my tasks at hand.

This year I wanted that to change. I wanted more time for family, friends, home, traveling, etc…. all while still devoting just as much time and energy into my business. The only way to make that happen, was to simply use the time I already had but in a more efficient manner.

Where am I going with this?…. You see, I started re-doing my laundry room TWO YEARS ago and it has been untouched ever since. I installed new flooring and removed the old yellow, 1970’s linoleum flooring as well as the brown hollow - core bi fold doors that made our laundry room space feel like a dungeon. And then in the fall, I had the desire to create a more welcoming laundry room / mud room so I uninstalled the standard white wire shelves from above the washer and dryer…. and then life happened and I once again had to set the project aside.

UNTIL LAST WEEK! It’s been a long time coming, but I was able to complete the laundry room in less than two days!

From these “before” photos to the end product I only spent $33! I got creative with items I already had on hand and only had to buy one sign and the industrial coat rack. SCORE!

Ashley Wills