3 Minute Thoughts / Less Hustle, More Rest


2019 has been a tremendous growth period for our business & personal lives. Prior to the new year, I was constantly feeling burned out, defeated, and I didn’t have the energy to put forth the same effort that I used to. Why in the world do I not want to go to work?! I absolutely LOVE my job and I’m blessed with the BEST brides & grooms.

I dug a little deeper and realized I was stretching myself too thin and to the point that my focus was being pulled into a million directions, and that was holding back from success and growth. Not to mention, it was completely stealing the joy from business. I knew that something needed to change, and I heard the saying “ Less hustle, More rest. “ I felt like phrase spoke directly to my heart. I needed to “recharge” my batteries, but I didn’t know how to. Less Hustle, More Rest - was the start of something great in our lives.

Suddenly, within less than a week, I was seeing improvement in my creativity, my attitude, and my workplace. There isn’t such thing as just an instant “recharge" button, but there are ways to make sure you are consistently growing, feeling refreshed, and looking forward to the future.

I look forward to sharing with you next week something that made an even greater impact.