Considering a destination wedding / Things to think about


You’re engaged, you love to travel, you enjoy new adventures and a destination wedding has crossed your mind. After shooting weddings from coast to coast and out of country in 2018… I realized just how many perks there are to destination weddings!

Here’s my top four notes from what I’ve learned:
1. The first concern our couples express is that “I don’t want our guests/family to feel obligated to fly or drive all the way there.” While I understand this concern, I wouldn’t let it hold you back. Even if you get married 5 minutes away and you gave everyone 2 years notice, there will still be guests that aren’t able to make it. If you notify a small group that you undoubtedly want to come, they will have plenty of time to save up and ask off work. Its YOUR day and if brings you joy to have your toes in the sand or nestled high in the mountains - don’t ask for permission!

2. The next common concern is that you want everyone to be there for the ceremony & reception, but since this will double as your honeymoon, you are concerned if you will really get your private time alone with your new hubby. My answer for that is - YES! Everyone there is on vacation and as funny as it sounds, they want to enjoy their investment too. Typically, everyone will meet back up for dinner together once or twice during the stay. But besides that, resorts are huge and you may not even see them again unless its planned. Now, if you’re staying in a 5 bedroom Airbnb together, i’m not certain it will feel like a honeymoon. So if you want family time and not the honeymoon feel, that option may be great for you.

3. Choosing to go the destination route means you are either leaving a lot of decisions up to your wedding planner, or you have to go into the wedding day with a very open mind. A lot of times, couples don’t get to view the venue or the place they are staying at until they arrive - only couple days before the wedding. I am a huge planner and visionary and part of me loves to be in control of every little detail because that is simply the person that I am. However, I love when circumstances force me to relax and enjoy the moment and find happiness in all of it - even if it wasn’t the EXACT shade of dusty blue that I wanted. Quite honestly, thats something that would bother me but if I was surrounded by scenery that I loved, I would soon forget.

4. I believe destination weddings are the most sweet, intimate weddings there are. I don’t know if its the mixture of the smaller group, the vacation atmosphere, the relaxation, the mindset going into the wedding… I’m honestly not sure, but they hold a sweetness that I can’t even put into words. Some destinations feel more like elopements since many couples choose not to do a traditional bridal party, and I love that the entire day is simply about the Bride & Groom.

If you’re considering an elopement or destination, I would love to help you in any way I can!

This session took place in Scottsdale, Arizona - Which is one of my favorite places I’ve shot at & I hope to shoot a destination wedding in the desert somewhere in 2019!

Ashley Wills