Making time for things that bring you joy - A personal post


Tidying up is all the rage right now, and you’re probably reading this as you sit in a pile of clothing because you just emptied your entire closet like Marie told you to do. No? Just go watch 10 minutes of the show and you’ll be up to speed and in the same boat as the rest of us.

Surprisingly the show came at a perfect time when I needed it the most & has actually changed my lifestyle, mind, & workflow for the better. Its humbling to realize how many things we hold onto - thinking we may need them someday. You guys, most of us live in total abundance and own so many items that bring no value to our lives.

What started as me cleaning out my closet, turned into the entire house being flipped upside down for about 5 days. I cleaned, I sorted, and I threw out anything that didn’t ‘spark joy.’ I was pleasantly surprised by how little I actually use on a daily basis! Noah & I lived in Asia for 3+ years and our lifestyle was very minimal. How in the world did we accumulate so much in TWO years?!

Its been over a month since I “KonMari-ed” our home & everything has stayed organized. WHAT?! This is a miracle for our household. Granted, it does take dedication everyday to maintain, pick up, and keep unnecessary items from coming into our home.
Nonetheless, I’m still impressed we’ve made it this far.

Which brings me to the point thats on my heart… I felt a sudden sense of relief because I wasn’t picking up the house for hours on end each day. Simply freeing up a few hours a week has allowed me to start doing things I enJOY again.

I’ll be the first to admit how amazing it is to have a full time career in photography, and I have for six magnificent years now. For me, the hard part about photography is the fact that it’s my dream job and my favorite hobby. When a hobby becomes a career, it still tends to feel like WORK and that is simply not acceptable for me. I am far too passionate about photography for it to feel like work. So, I reevaluated my business - just like I did my home. I’ve changed things, I’ve grown, I’ve recharged and I feel ready for everything 2019 brings!

The funny thing is, MORE PHOTOGRAPHY is what brings me joy - so that’s what I’ve made more time for. This year I’m taking bold steps to start doing what I need to be creatively inspired & the best I can be for my clients - and for myself. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our business, life, and overall happiness, is to simply say “NO.” Because if we don’t, we will end up saying “NO” to the things that we actually want to say “YES” to.

Here’s a few things that most definitely make my days a little brighter and “spark joy”….
1) American Eagle jeans
2) Molly (My cavapoo, but if I’m being honest I love ALL dogs.)
3) Solid tops & cardigans
4) My camera
5) Pretty necklaces
6) Neutral home decor

Ashley Wills