Sometimes you just click...


No pun intended.   
I always try to think of journal entries that are helpful to engaged couples & today I want to talk about the need for a photographer that you "click" with.  

It's hard to know if you will hit it off & be comfortable with someone by simply viewing their website or reading their bio.  The same goes for us, when a couple sends us a message online, I love to give them a call rather than just emailing back.  Why?  Because we are searching for that connection too.   

Before an engaged couple books with us, we make sure they are 100% a good fit for them... Because we want the very best for you.   So, if you are already a part of the AW family, then rest assured you are a perfect fit!  

When Sarah met us, she said she loved us so much she didn't even need her fiance to meet with us... because she just knew we were the right ones for their wedding. 

I am so glad that she felt a connection with us months ago, because we couldn't have asked for a better couple to join our AW family!  
The conversation flowed so natural & Sarah's adventurous personality lined up so great with our ideas for their session.   We are looking forward to watching them tie the knot!  

If you are engaged and haven't "felt that connection" with a photographer yet,  lets meet up and see if we are the right fit!    

Until next time, 

Ashley Wills