Trusting your photographer's location choice


You get all dressed up, your hair and makeup professionally done and here you are, following your photographer to this "amazing location" they found.  You park next to some old dumpsters in an ugly parking lot & you assume you must be walking somewhere because nothing around looks pretty.  The photographer is going on about how perfect the lighting will be.  She stops you, right there, just beside the dumpsters in this tiny patch of flowers.  After a quick test shot she gleams and tells you how gorgeous this shot is.  You look to your fiance with a look of confusion and think "did we really pay for this?" or "theres no way I'm going to like these" ....

This is based on a true story - my story.  More common than not, I have to remind my clients its all about the LIGHT and composition.  Luckily, going into our sessions most of you trust that I know what I am doing but every now and then its easy to be skeptical.  I would be too!  But, I'm here to reassure you, if you love your photographers work, you will love your session too. 

So, next time you're on a photo adventure, don't worry about the lighting, the obstacles in the background, or even how your hair looks... thats our job.  Rest assured, after I do your makeup,  and you get all dressed up, you will look and feel like a model. 

Enjoy this featured engagement session!  If you only knew where we were shooting at.... 

Until next time, 


Ashley Wills