Fresh Flowers - a wedding necessity


This gorgeous bride chose a perfect palette for her spring wedding which included 5 large centerpieces for their family style table.  I want to point out a couple things that Hannah did, that added to their wedding photography.  

1 - She chose a reception location with TONS of natural light.  This white, covered porch is attached to a historic family farmhouse in Saint James, MO.     

2- Used a white table runner.  White reflects light and matches any wedding!  White table cloths are always my top choice!  

3 - Fresh flowers!  This gave me the ability to tie in her color palette everywhere.  While she was getting ready, I set her bouquet in a vase next to them.  While I photographed their adorable son, I set him in front of the reception table to bring in their color palette for consistency within their photography.   

When choosing what to cut out on the wedding day, we highly recommend keeping the fresh flowers!  Especially your bridal bouquet, which will be in 80% of your photographs.  From a professional photographers standpoint, here are two things that only end up in a small percentage of your wedding gallery.

- The cake ( on average, you will have 5-10 photos of this. So, this doesn't have to be near as pretty as the other details. )  I love the trend of having a small, beautiful cake for the couple and then guests are served cupcakes or another dessert.  This is something we are seeing a lot of & its a budget friendly option! 

- The wedding favors for guests.  Once again, a small percentage make it into your photos. This is something to take into consideration if your budget is getting tight! We've attended weddings with no favors and we've attended some with 5+ favors per guest.  So maybe this is an area that will help you free up a little of your budget.  

Location: Saint James, MO
Wedding Guest Count: 23
St Louis, MO Florist: Bloomin' Buckets 

Some of the flowers shown here: 
Italian Ruscus
Seeded Eucalyptus  

Ordered pieces shown here: 
5 large centerpieces  
1 Bridal bouquet
1 Flower crown headpiece
Floral wreaths for the dogs

Ashley Wills