Time to choose my engagement photographer!


You just got your ring and you can't wait to have a romantic, Pinterest worthy, sweep you off your feet type of engagement session!  This is one of the first things you will think about after saying "YES" to your sweetheart.   

A few of our couples have had engagement sessions with another photographer before they found us & then they do another one with us too. Why?  This is something we always want to include in our wedding packages because if you choose us as your wedding photographers, you are trusting us to pose you comfortably, make you laugh, make you feel pretty, and document one of the biggest days of your life.  We serve you best when we know you on a personal level and you know us.  That is the #1 reason we always have an open door at our home to our clients.  You welcomed us into your life, and we want you as a part of ours.   

Think of it this way... 

You & your sweetie talking over the phone or going to dinner with Noah & I versus you cuddling and being intimate & romantic with your sweetie while Noah & I watch and PHOTOGRAPH IT.  


The first few minutes of an engagement session with some photographers might make you a little nervous because you just met them 5 minutes ago! 

See, we didn't even want a few minutes of awkwardness.... And thats why we spend one entire hour with each of our couples before we set out on a photo shoot. Typically, I spend that hour getting to know the bride and doing her makeup & Noah chats with the groom while they kick their feet up in our living room.  We love traveling for sessions, but local sessions are such a joy because we love sharing our home! 

We love this personal touch & know it only makes your wedding photography turn out that much better! 

Until next time!  

Ashley Wills