How To Choose Your Wedding Colors


Choosing your wedding colors is a fun part of wedding planning.  Its like picking out the paint color for the walls of your new home!  Luckily, if you don't like the paint color though, you can always change it and re-paint. It would be so wonderful if we could erase our wedding colors and re-do them like you could a wall! This is coming from the girl who chose her most despised color as a wedding color because it matched her fiance's Marine Corps Dress blues.  I chose red.  Why? 
At the time, it seemed to make sense.  My favorite colors have always been a mix of blue and white. That would have matched his dress blues and looked beautiful!  Instead I looked on Pinterest at all of the other military weddings and chose to go with what I thought would look nice & what everyone else was doing instead of staying true to myself.    

You will want wedding canvasses on your wall, a large print, or maybe a wedding album displayed on an easel. Where? In your home. Now imagine for a moment if you chose aqua and coral for your wedding but you decorate with earth tones.  Those weddings photos will never look like they fit in.  You will either change your entire home or not display the images. 

I desperately wished I would have chose something more neutral, more timeless, and less flashy so it would fit into my ever-changing choice of decor.    

In my home, I use all neutrals (Grays, whites, and a light color of tan) and I use pops of colors in my less expensive items.  Example: Accent chair, kitchen dishes that I set on the table, accent pillow.  This is the perfect way to add in something and give variety!  

This way, when I want a change of scenery I can make small changes instead of having to purchase a new sofa or curtains every time.   

As a wedding photographer and makeup artist, If you are going to choose colors that are more bold - I strongly recommend using them in small amounts.    

If you remember my live video about making a 5K wedding look like a 15K wedding - I talked about how soft tones and neutrals will give your wedding a more elegant, expensive look. Thats just an added perk to choosing soft tones for your wedding palette.  

Ultimately though, its YOUR wedding!  Stay true to who you are and choose colors that you will love 10, 20, 50 years from now! 

Until next time, enjoy this featured wedding!  

FEATURED WEDDING:  Abbey Mahaney + Luke Auxier / Outdoor Missouri Wedding  

Wedding was held on the Bride + Grooms new farm, in the exact spot they will be building their new forever home. They chose to do a 'first look' underneath big, beautiful pine trees.  This gorgeous day was full of unique, special details.  The bride and her father rode into the wedding on horse back & as their symbol of unity they branded a piece of wood using a monogram designed by the groom.  We absolutely love these two.

Ashley Wills