Engagement Session + Outfit Talk


Its no secret that I thrive in natural, overgrown, outdoor spaces for my sessions. If you're like me, you love the mixture of old blended with new.  Think of a wooden, antique desk that has ornate detail and is 100 years old. The desk has been sanded down to a light, raw wood color and left unfinished.  Then pair that desk with a gorgeous, tufted light gray chair embellished with nail heads.  Those two items don't typically go together and they're from two totally different places.  This is the perfect example of what I like to do during my sessions.  I like to choose a raw, simple, outdoor background and pair it with nice, dressy clothes.  Even heels, ladies!  Or suits for the men!  The polished look against something raw and natural looks beautiful, it stands out, and it makes you look even more amazing.    

Photographing Hannah & Charlie on their family farm in Saint James, MO was absolutely a dream.  Their wedding will be held on this beautiful 100+ acre farm this coming weekend and I am hoping we are blessed with gorgeous, soft lighting again.   

Enjoy some of my favorites from this sweet & simple session.

Ashley Wills