I Just Got Engaged... Now What?


So, you just got engaged and no one told you about how much planning goes into a wedding, OR the expenses associated with planning a wedding.  A lot of women get engaged and the next day feel like they are pressured to choose a wedding date and venue that week.  While planning early and planning ahead is wonderful, some important pieces get missed in the chaos of planning.  Your season of being engaged is SO short lived compared to the many years of married life ahead of you. Your time as an engaged couple will be some of the best times of your entire life.  So before I give you a little timeline to get you get started on wedding planning, I want to remind you... your wedding is about marrying the love of your life.  Savor your season on engagement.  


  1. Now is the perfect time to create a list of priorities. Venue, Photographer, Dress, Caterer, Cake, etc.  What is the most important to you?  
  2. Decide how much of the budget you want to devote to each category.  

    This information was gathered from women living in the USA who recently got married: 
    The Venue, Photographer, & Bridal bouquet were the top 3 on the list and we couldn't agree more with them! 
    - Your venue will be the backdrop for EVERY single one of your photos.  Choosing a venue with good lighting and pretty details adds to your day and means you spend less time and money trying to make something work that wasn't designed for weddings.  
    - The Photography is what you will remember your day with.  I know I'm not the only one that can't even remember what outfit I wore two days ago. If I can't remember that, I won't remember the cologne my husband wore on our wedding day.  If you think about the time you will enjoy the venue, its about 8-10 hours.  The time enjoying the food is about 1 hour, the time enjoying the music and dancing is about 4 hours, but you will enjoy your photographs for decades because you get to take them and use them far beyond the wedding day.  I love that this is at the top of the list!   
    - The Brides bouquet will be in 80% of the images.  The centerpieces won't.  The cake won't. Nearly every bride we spoke to that used silk flowers or tried to save money on her bouquet regretted it because its such a vivid focal point on the wedding day.  You can get a DREAM bouquet for $80 - $200.  Its well worth it! 
  3. After prioritizing and speaking with your favorite vendors, reserve what is most important to you.    



Ashley Wills