A Guide to In-Person Sales

Do you see value in improving your clients experience? Do you struggle connecting with clients or getting referrals? Does your yearly income meet your goals? What if I told you that you could work less, increase your income, and create raving fans? The Business Series - Improve Income and Client Experience - is just for you. 

Do you find yourself frustrated when clients print their images at walmart, walgreens, etc, and they don't look near like the quality you provided them? This course is for YOU. I will take you step by step through how I conduct in person sales meetings with clients. From start to finish, I will walk you through my workflow & programs. This course will reassure you that providing quality control over the printed form of your images increases your value as a photographer. I have been an IPS photographer exclusively for 4 years and it was the BEST DECISION I have made for my business.Think of this course as your key to reaching your career goals!

This lesson has been compiled for 4+ years and is finally available at the special price of only $295!



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Improve your income and client experience consists of information for professional photographers of all skill levels that are ready to take their business to the next level. This 3+ hour course compiled of 12+ hours of educational material will benefit you and dramatically transform your ability to create happier clients, while giving you the tools to increase your income.  This course walks you through the benefits of IPS and my personal IPS workflow.  

Ashley has been exclusively an IPS photographer for 4+ years.


A Word From The Instructor

“I love photography. I have spent the last decade in the photography industry creating and improving my craft. I want to share what I have learned from hands on experience with you. The only difference is, you dont have to wait ten years to learn what I know. You can learn today.

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Why put off taking your photography to the next level? You can sign up right now for only $295. This in person class comes with a 100% guarantee if you apply the principles within the course. BONUS LESSON: Creating clients that WANT prints     

For the first time ever I will be sharing my IPS formula!