Have you tried photographing in a room that was too dark? Do you struggle understanding the meaning of aperature, ISO, or shutter speed? How about the role they play when they are combined together? The Foundational Series - Manual class is just for you. 

Do you find yourself frustrated while shooting and switching back over to the "auto" setting? This course is for YOU. I will take you step by step through how I taught myself to shoot manually. This method of learning removes all question and frustration and allows you to focus on creativity instead of settings. Think of this guide as your key to creating consistent, professional looking photographs with any skillset.

This lesson has been compiled for 7+ years and is finally available at the special price of only $95!

NEXT COURSE: January 25 @ 5:30pm // Saint James, MO

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“This lesson from the Foundational Series enabled me to photograph in a way I didnt realize was possible. I thought perfect blurry backgrounds were from editing! And who knew that I could be proud to show my clients an unedited photo right off the back of my camera?!”

Morgan V. - Photographer 

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A Word From The Instructor...

“I love photography. I have spent the last decade in the photography industry creating and improving my craft. I want to share what I have learned from hands on experience with you. The only difference is, you dont have to wait ten years to learn what I know. You can learn today.


Why put off taking your photography to the next level? You can sign up right now for only $95. This in person class that comes with a 100% guarantee of improvement.


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Today it's only $95